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Trusted throughout the globe to create consistent high quality video by the World’s biggest brands; Zee Creatives excels in flawless videography. Our purpose is to create captivating emotional story telling for your desired target audience. 

Utilising cutting edge technology and equipment, Zee Creatives delivers a fresh perspective to videography within the industry. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations and providing results for our valued clients.

We work with you to carefully craft your ideas, capture your moments and create your story. 


Zee Creatives specialise in high end, creative content for brand marketing. Our drive is to produce original, engaging and inspiring videos for online, digital and branded content.

Whether you’re creating a campaign for a commercial, videos for social media or anything in between, our experienced team will work with you to understand your brand and powerfully convey your story the right way.

We’re content creators, specialising in end to end videography. We’ll create a concept that will engage audiences with your brand and take that concept through to final delivery, planning and managing all aspects of the production along the way.

By collaborating with your marketing team, we will create storyboards, scripts and shoot schedules for your approval before production begins. 

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We are constantly investing in the latest technology to ensure that we can produce the most stunning visuals for our client’s projects and achieve shots that our competitors can not!

Our in-house equipment includes top of the line camera system, lenses, 3-axis gimbals, a variety of drones and lighting equipment. We also work closely and have partnerships with third party camera rental companies meaning anything is possible.

Our team of creatives is comprised from producers, cinematographers, camera operators and licensed drone operators from across the globe to cover all aspects of your production anywhere in the world.  

Zee Creatives HQ offers an in-house studio and post production suite to handle any project. We never depend on “fixing it in post” but understand the importance and impact created from a tasteful combination of post-processing, colouring and sound design. We have a team of post production specialists that work around the clock to finalise your project and tweak it to perfection before delivery.


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